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Drum roll for Drama teachers! Situated in Braintree, Essex, an improving Academy is hiring a Drama teacher. 
We have an academy hiring a Drama ECT or experienced Drama teacher. 

Drama at our client school is a successful subject at Key Stages Three and Four and from September 2021 we will be delivering A-Level Drama and Theatre at key stage five. Throughout all years the expectations inDrama are high and challenges are set for students to reach the best possible quality of work.

Our Academy aims to provide a positive Drama experience for every pupil at KS3 and for students who decide to study Drama at KS4 and 5. We pride our department on giving students opportunities in technical routes alongside the performance aspect. The drama department are passionate to ensure students’ knowledge is embedded with foundations based on the theories of dramatists around the world. We are eager for our students to leave the department having a new-found confidence in their own abilities to use drama across the school in other subjects.

There is a highly attended Drama club on a weekly basis which is run by the Head of department. This had provided students to gain further knowledge and practice on the skills learnt in drama. Students in the drama club have also put on many performances; the latest being We Will Rock You, which was outstanding.

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